October 15, 2010

Operation Write Home Update

I am a little slow with this post.  I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in my Virtual Card Party and my Sept. 22nd Card Party at the McCullom Lake Village Hall.  Over 800 cards went to OWH for their birthday bash.  I would love to do this again after the Christmas holidays. Be sure to check out the pictures of the cards that were made on the 22nd.  Just click on the card to the right.

It felt so good to pack up the box and get it on it's way.  Everyone had lots of fun at the card party and we had a very mixed group of people from pre-teens and teenagers to senior citizens and all ages in-between, with a mix of male and female.  We had an assembly line going, with everyone doing their part. Snacks were provided by the office gals at the village hall, a greatly appreciated treat.  And of course there was my favorite, chocolate, to get the creative juices flowing.  I can't seem to craft without a little chocolate (dark chocolate of course, the healthy kind), especially M & M's.  Gotta love those colorful little bits of candy coated chocolate. 

I will be posting some Halloween ideas a little later tonight (I hope).  So until then, Keep on  Stamping.


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